Baring my soul for minimalist wannabes worldwide

Now, before you look at the below photograph, you may want to take a deep breath, pull up a comfy chair and relax. I’m letting you in to my world with soul-baring intimacy.

Are you ready?

This is my desk…

Judge not, lest ye be judged. ;o)


I know.

I — a Christ-following minimalist — cringe when I look at it, too.  The Cheetoh®’s promo is courtesy of my hubby.

The problem: My husband and I moved from a three-bedroom house into a house with our personal space being one bedroom and a living room. You do the math. 🙂

We began this living arrangement three years ago so it is time to buck up and get on with the de-cluttering.

The other problem: I am overwhelmed with papers, cups, bills, junk, paperclips, folders,


Sorry. I was sliding down the rabbit hole.

In this quest, I promise to:

  • Not just put everything in a box and hide it in our bedroom. (You know you’ve done it, too.)
  • Actually re-think, re-use and recycle everything on my desk.
  • Actually put things in their correct place. (Maybe put those cups in the kitchen? hrmmmmmm)
  • Use an attack plan.
  • Report in on my de-cluttering journey with hopefully enlightening tidbits and snazzy photos.


Plan of Attack
Quadrants! We will attack in QUADRANTS!


Due to the overwhelming nature of my project, God has shown me our attack plan. Quadrants. I will attack quadrant #1 and report in, Cap’n!

Now, I want to know something from you…

What does YOUR desk look like? Didn’t think I’d go there did ya? ;o)

Post your photos below and share how you keep it clean, get swallowed up in it, or would like to see it look. The first person to post a photo will receive something sweet from me.

God bless us all on this journey to simplify.

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


4 responses to this post.

  1. Not sure if the picture will show up here, but here’s my desk. If it doesn’t work, click this link:

    Good Post. Good luck with that desk. lololol.


  2. Poo I missed the first person thing. oh well, i just found my desk the other day. It was camouflaged as a stuff magnet. Personally I like the box method. I have to come to find out I am a piler and not a filer. Boxed accommodate stuff and allows me to go through it another time. I can have a 2010 box, a 2011 box, a writing box…. I like boxes.


    • I love boxes, too! My best use of boxes is for my individual writing projects. I have one box for each book/idea. I put everything for that one book in it’s specific box. Notes, articles, other books for research, you name it! Sometimes boxes are a good thing!

      Thanks for reminding me of those good reasons that I’m a piler/stuff it in a box person, too. 🙂


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