Baring my Soul Part 4 – The File System of Dooooooom

We are now on Stage 4 and the battle is just beginning:

Now my ultimate battle emerges. My foe is a long time rival of mine. He follows me wherever I go taunting me, enraging me, and showing me who’s boss. He is…

My File System of Doooooooooom

Did you hear that echo?


I will conquer you, Mr. File System of Doom! And, I will do it strategically just like with the Desk of No Return!

My tactic for this one is boxes. I love boxes! They serve so many purposes! I will have three boxes.

Box One: Recycle

Box Two: Trash it!

Box Three: Keep it!

Now, I will go through all of my files and place each piece of paper in one of these three boxes. In the final step, I will take the papers in the Keep it! Box and place these in a new and minimalistically organized location. However, I refuse to file.

File=the ultimate four-letter word.

It denotes work, piles of papers that I need to keep “just in case,” filing cabinets stacked with drawers upon drawers upon drawers of other papers previously filed that I “may” need another day. It’s gross and I despise that word. I need a fun word to get this done.

Let’s see….

I could organize. Or categorize. Or, I could simply put it in its place. I kinda like that one. I will put everything in its place. There. I said it. It’s simple.

Now, I’m off to document it. 😉 See ya soon!

Happy minimalizing!

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


One response to this post.

  1. LOL love it, good luck with the bottomless pit – otherwise known as filing cabinet.


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