Baring my Soul – From Chaos to Minimalism

I began this minimalist journey to get rid of stuff. The junk that sits around our house that once served a purpose but now only collects dust. My outcome:

This is harder than it looks.

It’s hard to separate myself from little knick knacks. From random papers. From those cute little jars, bottles and pretty shiny things that I may put something in some day. But, you know what….

With prayer, I conquered!!!!

I am now typing this sitting at our much neater desk not overwhelmed by the stacks of papers, files and random tidbits, but with a feeling of accomplishment.

Praise Jesus!

Now, all the random files have been cleaned out and put in the filing cabinet. (I’ll probably come back to that later. It still needs some work.) And, all of those bills and important papers that were piling up? Where did they go?

Into TWO FOLDERS!!!! Yes, my minimalist peeps, my chaos and overwhelm has now been contained in TWO FOLDERS!


My Minimalist Filing System

The greenish folder is entitled “Bills to be Paid.” The giant red folder is everything that we paid this year and important documents for 2011. I’ve included in this folder any contracts or cancellations so they would be easily accessible.

The System:

Bills are placed in the green folder with the most urgent due dates at the front. When a bill is paid from the green folder, it is dated and placed in the red folder. This is keeping my green folder up to date and empty at the end of each month. I’m not organizing the papers in the red folder. If I need something desperately, it’s not a big deal to me to go through the folder. If you want to try this method at home, feel free to organize it whatever manner is best for you. Now, when December 2011 approaches, I will review the file and shred anything that we will not need when we springboard into 2012.

I can breathe again. It’s still amazing to me how freeing giving stuff away is. Now that our desk has been minimalized, what should I do next?


Until then-

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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