Simple Suppers – Walk-away Flattened Chicken

Hey, Simple Supper Enthusiasts!

Tonight’s Simple Supper is the easiest brick chicken around. You simply shove it in a skillet, stack some stuff on top of it and walk away. Just the way I like to cook! This isn’t a fast dish, but it’s yummy, EASY, and makes enough for leftovers for lunch at work the next day.

Here ya go!

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: about 1.5 hours (depends on the size of the chicken)


  • 1 small chicken (around 4 pounds)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Any extra seasonings you prefer – I used fresh rosemary

Step 1: Preheat your skillet on medium heat while you prepare your chicken.

Step 2: Clean the chicken thoroughly making sure you remove all the gizzards and goodies from inside the body cavity. (That’s sounds so gross.)

Step 3: Cut the back bone completely out.  Then, flatten the chicken breast side down by unfolding it out and pressing down on each side.

Step 4: Flip the chicken over and pour olive oil all over it like you’d slather yourself with sunscreen on the beach in Bermuda. Use A LOT! Sprinkle on salt and pepper to taste and rub everything in. This is the time to add any extra herbs and spices you like.

Walk-away Flattened Chicken - Add sprigs of rosemary or your favorite herb under the skin for extra loveliness.

Step 5: Add olive oil to your heated skillet and make sure it is thoroughly coated. Place the chicken in the skillet breast side down as shown below. Coat the side that is now facing up with olive oil if you haven’t done so already during your stint on the beach in Bermuda. Oddly, the photo below kinda looks like me on the beach in Bermuda. LOL

Walk-away Flattened Chicken in the skillet

Step 6: Place a piece of aluminum foil over the chicken and start stacking! We used another skillet with our comal on top for added weight. A clean brick inside the skillet does the trick, too.

Stack'em high!

Step 7:

Go watch TV. Read a book. Blog. Bake a cake for dessert. Come back and flip the chicken over in 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Cooking time varies depending on the size of your bird. We cooked ours for about an hour and a half.

Step 8:

Enjoy the juiciest chicken you will ever eat!

Walk-away Flattened Chicken - YUM!

From my minimalist kitchen to yours…

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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