Baring My Soul for Christ-following Minimalist Worldwide – Part 2 – The Next Frontier

Okay, so I may have quasi borrowed a title from a sci-fi movie, but this minimal-izing thing is serious business!

For tonight’s post, I have a contest for you. The next stage in my minimalistic journey takes me to places of the unknown. To a part of my house that has been accumulating junk for three years. To our “catch all” piece of furniture that — due to it’s convenient location to the front door — has become the trash bin, storage area, money holder, Christmas card catcher, and over-all disaster zone in our living room.

Can you guess what it is? Come on. I dare you.

Any guesses?

Please post your guess below. You may ask, “But, Chelle. What do I win if I guess correctly?”

And, I will answer: “You gain the satisfaction in knowing you are right.”

Doesn’t just being right make you feel so good sometimes?


Until next time…

Bohemian Christian Chelle


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