Simple Suppers – My Simple Secret Weapons


For tonight’s Simple Suppers, I chose to go a different route than our traditional Simple Supper. Tonight, I’m pulling out my secret weapons and sharing them with you my fellow simple chefs!  I want to share with you the secrets in my cooking arsenal that have saved my life on more than one occasion and totally encourage my lack of meal planning skills.


1. Allow me to season food in a pinch.

2. Allow me to not have to plan ahead and buy fresh items unless I really want to.

3. My normal tossing out of old, yucky, greenish, fuzzy items is almost a thing of the past. (please note the almost)

Okay. So I hear you saying “Get to the point already!” So, here goes…

MY Secret Culinary Weapons. Gourmet Gardens makes me look good.

Gourmet Garden is the top gourmet find of mine. They offer fresh, organic herbs crammed into the most simple package available. And the best part to me…


I heard they’ll last up to six months in the freezer, which has been a life saver for me. This is as close as I get a lot to fresh herbs. I must admit, I am notorious for buying fresh garlic, ginger and basil and then tossing them out a few weeks later. I am so grateful for these tubes of herbal wonderful-ness. Thank you, Gourmet Gardens!

In His name,

Bohemian Christian Chelle


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