Simple Suppers – Beans and Rice.Beans and Rice. It’s Nice.

Remember that old School House Rock cartoon? If not, please rekindle your 1980’s — or is it 70s? — cartoon-age by clicking here.

For the rest of us, nothing beats eating some good ol’ beans and rice while singing the theme song to a retro-classic PSA.

School House Rock ingrained this in my brain:

Beans are protein.

Rice is energy.

Together they’re nice. 🙂 (For more retro goodness, don’t miss the links at the end. )

Easy Crockpot’em and Leave Pinto Beans

  • 1 bag of dried pinto beans
  • water
  • 1 crock pot
  • salt and pepper

1. First, empty your beans out on a counter and cull out the good beans by removing the stones, sticks, questionable beans, and anything else you’d rather not consume.

2. Next, pour the quality beans in the crock pot. Cover the beans with water so that about one inch of water covers the beans.

3. Add salt and pepper.

4. Set your crock pot on high and cover.

5. Come back in four hours.

6. Wah la! Beans. Beans. The magical fruit.

Okay. I won’t go there.

Beans are good for you, a wonderful protein source without consuming meat, and they are extremely versatile. Freeze in small packages to defrost later for taco salads for work lunches. Or, make burritos, refried beans, top on salads or nachos, or just eat as a side dish. For tonight’s meal, my hubby added them to a bowl of rice topped with cheese and sour cream.YUM!

Beans and Rice. So Nice.


Cooking is art. And, this is your masterpiece.

Create away!

I couldn’t resist!

Everything we needed to learn, School House Rock was there with a song! Visit the following links and stroll with me through my retro flashback complete with couples skate, Michael Jackson jackets, and acid-washed jeans with the cuffs stuffed into my fluffy pink socks! Now, where did I put my hair crimper?

For those lost grammar rules: Conjunction Junction

Change the world! I’m just a bill sitting here on Capital Hill.

Learn those pesky multiplication tables while you dance around your living room: Multiplication Rock – I Got Six

Three – It’s a magic number

Did I miss your fave? Please post it below.

God bless, y’all!

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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