A return to minimalism

The Journey to Minimalism starts with one piece of paper.

Well, as I sat on my couch on this sultry Saturday afternoon in Texas, I realized that my posts to my minimalism blog have been quite minimal over these last few weeks. Why, you might ask? Well, frankly…

This minimal-izing thing is hard.

I have too much stuff. Too many things that I may need later. Too many things that I just don’t want to part with, but have no place to put. So, now I am thinking about this in a new way.

What happens when you crave to minimize, but your space is even too minimal to do it?

Am I defeating the laws of minimalism? Am I being selfish and thinking that I can keep all my treasures and still live a minimalist lifestyle?

Why, yes I am!

Since I have followed my heart, I have stopped with the incessant, “Oh! I need that! It’s free and must live at my house forever!” syndrome that has ravished my surroundings for more than 30 years. I’ve stopped bringing items home that I don’t need just because they are free. I’ve purged items that I had previously brought home under that same guise and now our space is slightly cleaner, much more manageable, and actually on the way to becoming simpler.

I’ve learned on this journey that:

Minimalism doesn’t happen over night. Like any habit, it took years to get in this cluttered mess, it make take years of conscientious simplifying to get out. I am up for the challenge with trash bag and recycle bin in hand!

It is okay to keep things because “I may need it later.” To all those notepads, folders, and spirals collecting dust on my shelves. I will need you later. Just hang out for now, guys. You aren’t going anywhere!

I don’t need to keep every book in the world inside my house. Ouch! This one still makes me cringe a little. But, I’ve learned of this beloved resource known as the library. Simplify your life and check out books for free on every topic and passion imaginable. Keep the books you can’t live without and the let the rest live somewhere else. The books that I may never read again now have a new home at my local public libraries where other simple-livers may enjoy them. And, if I ever should wish to read them again, I can go and check them out. It’s lovely. It is better to give than to receive.

Papers and mail will eventually take over the earth. It’s true. I just wanted to point that out. All the more reason for me to go paperless. It’s not like I mail my bills in anymore anyway. My new goal in life is to only receive letters and postcards from people I love; not from AT&T, the water department, and the guy who owns my electrical lines. They love me, but in a whole different way. My quest for paperless billing has begun! I will report more on that later.

I was on the cusp of discouragement with my new found joy of minimalism, and I will prevail! I will conquer the piles! With Jesus’ help, I can do anything! Even donate my books to the library. 🙂

To all you minimalist wannabes out there – Press on toward the goal!

God bless, y’all! And, remember to keep life simple and focused on what’s most important — Praising Jesus.

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


2 responses to this post.

  1. Cute article.
    I am thinking about trying to lighten our load. So much stuff. It is daunting.
    One shelf at a time.


    • Well, as I say, “the journey to minimalism begins with one piece of paper.” Go for it!

      I’ll come and help! It’s a whole lot easier to minimal-ize someone else! Lol

      God bless you, Patty! And, thanks for posting!

      -Bohemian Christian Chelle


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