Keep Simple Living Simple

Showing on TV right now –you may have seen it—is a commercial featuring a neighbor who has gone green. Her lawn is overrun with native plants. Her house overtaken by vines and moss now sports a ladder to get to the goat now munching on the grass on the roof.

Extreme simple living.

I think in our culture we have a way of “getting it right before I do anything.” We lean toward doing nothing because we think we have to go all out to the extremes of a project.  But, all we end up with is tormenting our neighbors and goat poop on our roofs.

Simple living is simple. One change can make a world of difference. Below are five simple Simple Living Tips to get you going in the minimalist direction. These tips not only protect God’s world by supporting local initiatives and creating less trash, but they also save YOU cold hard cash.

  1. Convert to reusable bags for all your shopping trips. Did you know that Italy has flat out banned plastic grocery bags?  Before we have to go to such extremes here, let’s try employing reusable bags. Every store is selling them now, or for those sewing-minded folks, make your own. I plan on crocheting one. Seriously.
  2. Create a container garden on your front porch or balcony. You do not need 5-acres and a plow to have a garden. In fact, the container variety seems to work far better at our house. We grow tomatoes, chives, jalapeños, stevia (a natural sweetener), basil and mint on our front porch. The plants are easy to get to when I want something and they are convenient to water. Out of sight, out of mind is a bad plan for me at our house. Many a plant has met a tragic demise because I didn’t go out to the garden for a day or two. Hey! It was around the corner!
  3. Shop at a farmer’s market in your area. For the non-green-thumbs out there, let someone else do the work and pay them for their efforts. Farmer’s markets are popping up in almost every city. True farming is a blessed and beautiful art. Support your local farmers.
  4. Buy a fancy water bottle with a really good filter and stop buying thousands of plastic bottles of water a year. My Camelbak  bottle is one of my favorite things. Not only is it BPA free, but I also have filtered water anywhere I go saving me money and saving our landfills from more stuff.
  5. Create your own coffee drinks.  What you need:
    1. Coffee
    2. Water
    3. Creamer/Milk/Soy milk
    4. Flavor of your choice

Enjoy 😉

Little-known secret: I don’t know if they still do this, but I use to buy my sugar-free vanilla flavoring directly from Starbuck’s. I haven’t called lately to see if they still do this, but if they had extra on hand, they would gladly sell a bottle to me at a terrific price.

Don’t get me wrong, if I’m in a hurry, I will gladly allow my barista to hook me up. But, if I’m chillin’ at home, I can easily and cheaply create a beautiful coffee concoction in my own kitchen. Creating an iced mocha latte is my fave! Just add milk and chocolate. YUM!

A little change goes a long way on the road to minimalism. Is there a change you have implemented? Tell us about it below!

God bless! Keep simple living simple!

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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