Simple Thinking – Lemon Ice-box Pie? Check!

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The day that ushers in the onslaught of turkey, giblet gravy, and pie, pie and pie.

Did I mention pie?

Today I made our first pie for our dinner with friends and family. It’s so simple that it reminded me of what Thanksgiving is really about:

Devouring food at an alarming rate surrounded by people you love.

Which made me think, “What is Thanksgiving really about anyway?”  I know the whole pilgrims being thankful thing, but why?

So of course, I, as any good internet user would, googled. Or, in my case I “asked”. Click here to get the scoop.

How did a holiday established so we could “give thanks for our friends, family and good fortune” according to strangely become a shopping lovers dream? At least that what TV has made it seem over the last couple of weeks. I’ve noticed that most things I’ve seen portray Thanksgiving meals as a stressful occasion filled with lack of sleep, botched recipes and door-busting super deals. I must say, that lady in the Target commercials cracks me up!

So let’s make it easy. Break the mold. Make it simple and enjoy Thanksgiving for what it really is:

A nice day to spend enjoying life, friends and family stress free. Below are some guidelines I follow to help ensure I too enjoy this day.

Share the love. In talking with people, I’ve noticed that people love to talk about food. Either food they like to cook, especially food they like to eat, but always what their favorite dish of all time is. Is it your grandma’s hot apple cider? A batch of your mom’s secret recipe chocolate chip cookies? That stuffing recipe you finally conquered? Or, the best potato salad you’ve ever tasted that you bought at the local deli. People love to contribute their favorite item so let them. This way, I am in charge of the turkey, desserts I like to make, and a side that is my signature dish. Cooking the things I treasure making puts me in a relaxed and friendly mood. It makes your friends relaxed and happy, too. And, if they don’t like to cook, there are always drinks to bring. 🙂

“Make ahead” is not a four letter word. (It has too many letters.) Today I made the quickest and easiest pie I know — Lemon Ice-box Pie. I now have one easy dessert that I can keep in the fridge until its unveiling. I will also start making the beginnings of my pear tart tonight to be ahead on that. What are some items you can make ahead of time to help you out on Turkey Day? Chicken broth? Desserts? Corn bread?

Listmaker, Listmaker, make me a list! I adore lists. Grocery lists. Shopping lists. Do-to lists. Whatever the list, it gets it out of my mind and on to paper where I don’t have to think about it anymore. (As long as I don’t lose my list.) Jot your list down and tack it to the fridge then feel the accomplishment when you check things off your list. I made a list with the items I wanted to cook, then broke it down into what ingredients I would need. Simple and easy when I took it to the store.

Take advantage of grocery store deals.(Sorry. I couldn’t think of anything fun to title this one.) My dear friend (you know who you are ;)) gave me the free turkey she acquired by spending over a certain amount at her grocery store. I remember living in Dallas and turkeys were always cheap, cheap, cheap if I spent a certain amount during my shopping trip. I don’t see that as much where we live now. However, small, neighborhood stores still seem to carry on this tradition. Ask around to find out what stores offer the best options in your area and plan ahead to save some bucks down the road. I’m learning on this simple-living journey that a major component is planning ahead — a skill I still need to acquire.

What are some ways you shave time off your Thanksgiving dinner preparation so you can spend time with the people you love? Please share them below.

May God bless y’all richly this week, and may you give Him thanks for all your treasures.

Being thankful and keeping it simple,

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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  1. Posted by RedMami77 on December 10, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    I give the pie 4 thumbs up! ( me and K both voted)


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