Decluttering battle #1 – DVD Cases?

So after my last minimalist pack rat rant, I started to again address the problems of clutter and stuff accumulating in our bedroom. The first and most obvious items to rid my life of jumped off the book shelf literally and figuratively as I moved a DVD case and the rest tried to jump for their lives saving themselves from my newest and most deliberate case of minimal-izing.

So, after I gathered the stack of plastic misfits in my arms, I headed to the couch to make sense of the pandemonium precariously perching on my book shelf. You see, my husband and I — in a moment of sheer simple-living genius-ness — transferred all (or most) of our DVD collection to a zippered notebook. It’s wonderful! Usually alphabetized. And, the DVDs are not out taking up space.

But, you see, we now have a problem. As I (the minimalist pack rat) and my husband (who claims he is not), have come head to head in the  battle of throwing the cases away. I’d even recycle them if my city would take them!

Hubby Oh Mine wants to keep them. I want them to please live somewhere else.

The compromise: Box them up and take them to our storage unit.

I hang my head in shame.

But, sometimes your marriage and happiness needs to come before throwing stuff out. So now I sit and box up empty DVD cases to take to a storage unit that I desperately need to go through, but I’m decluttering our house first.

One step at a time, right?


So anyway, I have a small DVD-sized space now clear on our book shelf. And, guess what?!?! My friend gave me another book today. LOL Oh well!

Did I mention I’m doing this one step at a time?

If you have a reason or re-use for a DVD case, please comment below. Please?

Take care and live simply,

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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