Drivin’ me crazy – No Impact Tuesday

There is absolutely no way I could survive in my community without a car.

Is it like this where you live? I’m in a town so spread out that even to get to the grocery store is a trip, albeit a short one. But, even then, to haul everything home I need a trunk.


I would love to live in a community where I could ride my bike everywhere. Where I could get one of those cute trikes and ride to the store, the park, restaurants; to completely rely on peddle power.

It’s relaxing just to envision it. The wind whipping through my hair. Beautiful afternoon sunlight kissing my smiling and content face. Okay, Okay. I step on the brakes and come screeching back into reality.

So today, instead of taking public transportation (It does not come out to the suburb where we live.) or ride my bike (I work 20-minutes from our house, and that’s at 45 mph.), I thought of other ways that I could go on my own power instead of horsepower.

Way to “no impact” #1:

I can actually walk to restaurants and meetings I have by my work. I used to never think of this. Driving seems to be a mindset around here. It used to be entirely unheard of to walk or ride your bike in my town. But, within this last year, we’ve taken great strides in peddle power by creating bike lanes downtown(a BIG step) and offering more dining options downtown within easy walking distances to business and government buildings. It’s so wonderful to get out with a friend, take a little stroll and enjoy a quick lunch before going back to the day job.

Way to “no impact” #2:

Maybe, just maybe, I will ride my bike to the little grocery store by our house. It’s not too far, my hubby can ride his bike with me, and I will feel like I’m doing something. I so wish I had a cute basket in front to put my cloth bag full of groceries! Or better yet, cruise on that trike I’m dreaming about, even though the bike shop guy said I’m not old enough to ride one. I appreciated the compliment. šŸ™‚

Way to “no impact” #3:

I will continue my search for a person who lives by me that I can carpool with on occasion. I still haven’t found anyone who I work with, or who works downtown, who lives by me, but that doesn’t mean I never will. I’m still keeping my eyes open.

In the meantime, I have a wonderful husband who keeps our car’s tires aired up and does all that other manly husband car stuff that I simply do not wish to do. Thanks, honey. šŸ™‚Ā  If you have to use your car — like so many of us — please be sure to take good care of it to reduce pollutants and other yucky things that cars can do if not taken care of properly.

I have a not-making-more-trash update! Instead of throwing three clothing items away due to holes, I asked my personal seamstress (aka Mom) if she would mend them, or help me mend them. She’s wonderful and said she’d mend them. I’m spoiled. I know it and am grateful for it! And, it saved more stuff from going to a landfill.

Until next time, be conscious of your actions. What you do matters.

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by RedMami77 on February 21, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    Ideas for clothing beyond repair? How about cutting them up ( except old chonies! Throw those bad boys away!) and using for dusting or washing the car? Also if you are feeling super creative make a quilt! Just gather up clothing and cut out your pieces and sew to your little hearts contentment!

    I have walked to lunch before and enjoyed it!!! It’s great stress relief and exercise and good for air quality!!


    • I love your comment!!!! My hubby’s grandmother made a quilt out of old Hawaiian shirts from one of his themed birthday parties when he was growing up. The whole family dressed up and everyone wore a different shirt. It’s his most cherished possession, and he smiles when he sees it. Turning old items into a treasure is the best way to recycle.

      Just don’t use those old chonies. Lol

      -Bohemian Christian Chelle


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