You Light Up My Life – No Impact Week Day 5

I’ve been blogging a LOT lately. But, I am in the midst of two distinct simple living challenges. So after Sunday, I shouldn’t be blogging as often. Maybe. 😉

For Day 4 of No Impact Week, I cheated. I ate a Subway sandwich and Bush’s chicken, threw trash away and overall impacted repeatedly. But, today I am back on track, slightly.

Instead of wrapping my lunch in plastic wrap, I placed it in a bowl and wrapped the whole thing in a cloth napkin. No trash. Worked just as well. And, I didn’t have to deal with the wrap when it tears wrong and gets all clumpy and I have to start over. You’ve been there too, right?

For today’s No Impact, I am to evaluate my electricity usage. You can do it with me! Go around to each room of your house (or sit at your computer and imagine) everything that uses electricity, then ask yourself…

Do I ever use this thing? Is your stereo you’ve had since the 80s collecting dust and sucking energy from the corner of your living room?

Does it have to stay plugged in? You know there’s that whole “phantom power” thing and all. Appliances that are plugged in increase your electrical usage. Conspiracy theorists chime in here. Is this thing real?

If your answer is no to either question, it is time to evaluate the item in your home.  If you don’t need it, get rid of it. If you do need it, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be plugged in, then unplug it until you use it. Simple.

This not only affects our world, but it also affects your pocketbook.

I have several lamps I rarely use, so I’ve unplugged them. Instead of sitting by one of those lamps to type this, I chose to sit by a window and allow God’s beautiful sun to illuminate my way. God is good.

I’ll be blogging about My Lenten Challenge later. I’d like to keep the posts separate if that’s all right with you. 🙂

Until then, keep simple living simple and be aware of what you do in this world.

God bless!

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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