It took five days, but I did it.

I finally boxed up all those books. It’s depressing, I battled God the whole time, and I lost my sense of well-being.

What has happened to me? The lies the enemy places on us that define us as our stuff. It’s ridiculous.

I am not my STUFF!

I couldn’t believe it. Today, I was so disgusted with all of it, I almost donated the box without looking back.

And, then I caved.

I did, however, select a fine array of books that are going to my church’s library as requested by the church librarian. 😉 With the way things are going, the bag will be growing.

It was weird falling asleep not surrounded by so much stuff. I kinda felt exposed. Vulnerable. Is that why we collect stuff? To make us feel safe? To build a barrier between ourselves and the realities of this world? Our stuff doesn’t hurt our feelings. Our stuff doesn’t talk back. Our stuff doesn’t leave for no reason.

It’s a lot to think about.

And, you know what? Last night was the best sleep of my life. Seriously. Be it the emptiness of the space or the Aleve ® I took before bed. It was still the best sleep I’d ever had.

So, tonight I may box up some more. Or, take another Aleve®. It’s been a long day. 😉

May God bless you richly tonight.

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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