Lenten Challenge Update and Trashiness

We live in such a disposable world.

Paper napkins

Plastic cups

Paper plates

Plastic everything

And, now Encyclopedia Britannica will be no more. A sad day for a bibliophile.

Since experiencing No Impact Week (Click here to do one of your own.), I’ve been way more conscious of how I live and how I impact this world, which is what the week is all about, right? But, one thing has stood out to me more than anything else I no-impacted — TRASH. The amount of trash I make is atrocious. And, it’s trash for no reason.

  1. A paper napkin or paper towel to cover a dish while a nuke it.
  2. A piece of cling wrap to cover a bowl before I stick it in the fridge.
  3. A cup at my favorite coffee place — You all know where that is. ;

All of these things I can change. I can change for the better of the planet and my spirit. My spirit that earns for simplicity, for ease, for simple living, for less. So, I implemented the following changes:

-Instead of using a paper products, I use a cloth napkin from the stash of cloth napkins we have. It covers the dish, there is no splatter, and after I actually use it to fulfill its destiny as a napkin, I put it in the dirty clothes to wash and re-use again and again.

-Instead of cling wrap, I again use a cloth napkin or hand towel. I place leftovers in a bowl and wrap the cloth napkin or towel tightly around it before placing it in the fridge. This way, it can immediately go into the microwave or to the table. No paper to dispose of.

-Did you know that you can request a “for here” cup at your local coffee shop? Just let them know at the register. Since I enjoy sitting there for extended periods and writing, this is the perfect remedy for disposable cups. I also know that if you have a travel mug from this said coffee shop, they will fill that for you, too. I haven’t done that yet, but I will. Even though I still get disposable cups at the drive-thru window when I’m on the go, I’ve at least depleted the number of those going in the landfill a little bit. Wish they’d make those cups compostable!

I’ve still have a long way to go on the simple-living journey. I hope, soon, to post photos from of my bookshelf. Can you believe it!!! I cleaned off one entire bookcase! Nothing on it! YAY!

I’m also learning that with less stuff to maintain, I definitely have time for other things that matter more. Like spending time with God and His children. I’ve decided that instead of  collecting things, I’m going to collect friends, family, and people that I love. My treasures.

Love is not disposable.

People are not disposable.

Love God today, and please love His people. Is there something in your life that God is showing you it’s time to put away? Please post about it below. Be it clothing, books, knick-knacks, drugs, a bad habit, or a bad decision.It’s time.

Don’t be afraid to love.

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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