I feel naked.

I got rid of stuff and now I feel naked…exposed.

I don’t like it. I feel vulnerable.


When I go to bed each night, I travel between our bed and a wall created from two large dog crates, two large plastic bins, and two large laundry baskets filled with random miscellaneous items. Actually it’s overflowing more than filled. I’m simplifying my life and overflowing baskets of nonsense have to go.

On Monday night I gathered the two laundry baskets and emptied them while I watched TV.

I no longer have my wall.

And, I don’t like it.

I surprised myself by that. I crave fewer things. I want everything out of my house. Yet, when it comes down to really simplifying, I can’t stand it.

I watched a documentary the other day about Tiny Houses and the people who love them.  It is so good. I will watch again and again. Here’s the link: http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house-video/we-the-tiny-house-people-documentary/

One of the men mentioned how he liked his tiny house because when he was younger he liked cozy places that he could create nest for himself in. I so like my nest. I guess that’s why I created all these walls of things. To make my little nests.

When I have my stuff, I have my nest. Now the problem is I don’t want all this stuff. LOL What’s a minimalist to do.

Get a smaller house!

I spent all these years expecting the American Dream to happen. Better job + More money = Bigger house.

Better job only equaled: More stress, less personal time, more money spent on clothes, eating out, and keeping up, plus me getting migraines.

It’s taken me 37 years to figure all this out, and I’ve only figured out a smidgeon of it. 🙂

But, I do know one thing. I crave simplicity. So I will stay on this journey.

Creating my nests,

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by anotherkindofdrew on May 14, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Trust me when I say if the Lord has shown us anything in the past two years it is that living tiny allows us to live large! We have gotten rid of almost all consumer debt, we have had a beautiful daughter, we have almost finished our tiny house, and we have been blessed beyond belief. Just keep following the path. The enemy – I truly believe – uses jealousy, greed, desire, unsecured credit, loans, etc. to know us off the path. He tries to make us believe that we DESERVE everything under the sun. We may. But we don’t need everything under the sun. The difference between want and need is profound. Congratulations on finding your path. Enjoy the journey!

    See you at the Tiny r(E)volution!


    • Hey, Andrew!

      I saw a post today on CNN about slavery as it is today. Along with human trafficking and children being sold to upper class families, they list CONSUMER DEBT. It shocked me at it rawness. Most of us — if not all of us — would never consider this a form of slavery, but it IS. Anything that draws your soul, your breath, your finances, your dreams, your heart makes are you slave.

      I only want to be a slave to Christ. That’s all.

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for your encouragement.

      God bless!

      ~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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