Will Work for Coffee Pods

Stone Podge and the Leaning Tower of Podza

Oh, how we love coffee pods at my office. One of my co-workers brought in one of those new-fangled, single-serve coffee makers, and we have all discovered the joys — and addictions — of coffee whenever we please.

And, I am totally on board with it. We barter in pods. We speak in pods. When the pods run low we go into a pod-induced frenzy. What has happened to us?

Pod-delirium! That’s what!

But, as a simple-living enthusiast, there is one thing I can not stand about the luxury of the single-serve coffee maker:

ALL THOSE DAG GUM PLASTIC PODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I’m evidently not the only one. Read the post I just read on Treehugger.com. See! I am not the only one!

They make me want to SCREAM!

I cannot handle the waste. I recycle cans. I recycle newspaper. I save church bulletins, scraps of paper from junk mail and anything else I can recycle.

Except I don’t think there is anything I can do with these pods. Or, is there????

So, I — along with some like-minded cohorts — are coming up with ways to re-use the pods for good instead of evil. Today’s first pod-sortium is our first possible solution to the pod-mania problem. Please tell me what you think. And, if you have ideas, please, oh please, let me know.

POD-SORTIUM #1: Plant Seedlings!

So easy! Too easy!

First, with a rounded knife (If you have one), peel off the foil covering, then scrape out the coffee inside. There is a filter in there so a rounded knife worked perfectly.

Scrape out the coffee in your pods and feed your compost heap.

I was amazed at how much coffee I got out of all the pods we collected over the week.

Pod coffee is great for feeding your garden, your roses, your compost, and is a natural fertilizer.

Next, simply stuff with good quality potting soil, and plant your plant babies accordingly. I now have a Baby Plant Pod Army growing of chives, oregano, peppers, lettuce, and loofah. I am so excited. And, so are my cohorts as they will reap the harvest as well when we divvy up the Army. Water your pod babies gently as not to wash out all the goodies you just planted.

My Pod Army – My little army of pod babies

God is so faithful! I am praying for a blessed harvest! Let me know what you think and please share your pod re-use stories by clicking the “comment” link above. Be blessed. Stay safe. And, happy simple living!

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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