Living in Homelessness. Could you survive?

This past weekend we did a 40-hour homeless situation for the youth group at our church.

It really made me think.

  • I can live for 40 hours with little to nothing.
  • It’s really hot during the day in June in Central Texas.
  • I have way too many items in my bathroom cabinet.

The last bullet obsessed me all weekend. Of all the things I could have thought about while trying not to expend any needed energy or nutrients, I think about all of the junk in my bathroom cabinet.

And, how I don’t need any of it.

So after I cleaned up, rested, and ate, because I am blessed by the Lord not to be homeless and have a comfortable, air-conditioned home to come back to, I emptied our entire cabinet into a plastic storage bin. As the pile increased and overflowed, I realized that most of the items I didn’t know I had or had even seen.

Am I the only person that has this happen?

I cleaned out trash, bagged up some items that I could give away, and saved the rest.

Is my storage bin still full?


But, it is filled with actual stuff we use and need. And, now it is about half full, which is just fine by me.

I still know all I need to survive is a bar of travel soap, my container of olive oil for my face, deodorant, and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

A wash cloth would have been nice though. 🙂

My Tragic Shoe Love Story update:

I did think about a pair of shoes! My cute, brown bowling shoes that I told you about! I also keep thinking about those blasted college-logo flip flops. What is wrong with me? I haven’t worn flip flops since I was eight. I don’t need them. I won’t wear them. Why must I even think about them?

The flesh is a troubling thing. I caught myself freaking out that someone may steal my new box of coffee pods that I left in my office. Storing up treasures in heaven, I am. Sorry. I couldn’t resist the Yoda. How easily we — sorry, I — am sucked in to media sensations, must haves, and my personal fave, “But, I may use this one day!”

I am pathetic. But, I am growing. And, I learned a lot about myself sitting on my sleeping bag in the heat of a Central Texas afternoon because I didn’t and couldn’t have anything to do. I lost my job, after all, and my home, and burned all the bridges with my family and friends. You have a lot to think about trying to stay cool and not be hungry, even if it’s all make believe.

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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