My French Press of Intentionality

I spoke with  my Mary Kay Sales Director on Friday. She spoke of being intentional. Something I am not.

Something I’ve always wished to be.

Something God can help me become.

Since our conversation, I’ve been more aware of when I am not intentional. I’m not intentional a lot. I’m too busy thinking about what a need to do next to concentrate on what I’m doing right now. Be in the moment.

I noticed the only time I am intentional is when I do two things:

1) Wash dishes by hand

2) Make the perfect cup of coffee with my French press

I know…most people would rather have their eyebrows done than wash dishes, but to me, it’s relaxing. I can dream out of the kitchen window while watching the birds and dragonflies play. And, right now we have kitten-palooza going on so there is always a fun moment of discovery with fluffy tails and tiny white-socked feet.

It is one of the few times that I truly feel focused. And, relaxed. The same way I feel when I make coffee with my French press. It’s just so intentional. The process. The pleasure. The time it takes. The procedure. The French press is an intentional object. If you do anything wrong, you get bitter tasting nastiness in your cup.


I don’t want to live my life without intention any more. What’s the point? Bulldozing through to the next thing? To the next job? To the next assignment? Let’s not waste our lives. Be intentional. And, enjoy that perfect cup of coffee. I don’t want nastiness if my cup.

I guess being intentional — to me — means being content. Focused. Not stressed. Who knew those two little words would change me so much this weekend?

Be intentional.

I have a lot still to learn. But, with God all things are possible. And, I’m ready to go to the next level with Him.

Enjoying the perfect cup of coffee,
~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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