This is Harder Than it Looks

Stuff, stuff and much more stuff

Stuff, stuff and much more stuff

Why is downsizing so difficult? I thought this would be easy. I really did. I thought, “Oh, I just have to get rid of some things”

Are your things like fungus that just keep growing and growing and growing?

My goodness! I get rid of shoes and books and comforters and clothes only to have three more pop up in their places. It’s growing like mold over here. I have boxes that keep multiplying. I have books that keep having book babies.

Plus, seriously, it’s hard to get rid of some stuff. I know some are sentimental, so I’m not expecting to get rid of those things. But, I am so stuck on other things. Until the other day when I read a beautiful statement online somewhere:

Only keep the things that bring your heart joy.

If you wrote that, thank you. It changed everything. I can now part with books I will  never read, clothes I don’t even look good in, and that pair of shoes that squishes my toes.

Thank you.

My minimalist journey continues. I will be minimalistic and self-sufficient. With God’s help, all things are possible!

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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