33 items? Can I do it? Can YOU do it?

So I watched a video last night about the Triple 3 Challenge. Here it is in case you want to watch it too. If you haven’t watched any videos from Kirsten Dirksen and Fair Companies, I highly recommend her work. She highlights simple living, tiny homes, and minimalistic living. These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiiings! *Sang in my best Julie Andrews impersonation* Okay, now for the video…

Thirty-three items of clothing. Wow. I have so much junk. I watched this video last night and am praying about this. Why do I want/need/have so much stuff?

What I loved about this concept:

  • The woman’s clothes are beautiful! And, everything can mix and match to add variety and creativity. While watching this, I realized I was under the assumption that to make this happen, I’d have to wear black A LOT, which I like, but I still need some color.
  • This is intentional living. Colors that go with other colors. I love what she said about knowing your personal colors, and how to find that out. So simple! It’s intentional. To focus on what is YOU and not what is the latest fad. To focus on what is YOUR color and makes YOU feel good inside and out, rather than what other people think. (They don’t really care anyway.) To look at your clothing purchases intentionally rather than just buying that pair of pants because it was on clearance for 75 percent off! I know it’s hard. I’d be tempted, too. šŸ˜‰
  • Her choice of outfits –oddly– greatly outnumbers mine. Yet, again: Mix and match creatively. I never have anything to wear. At least, things I like to wear. And, most of the time the clothes I like are buried in our ginormous laundry hamper so I’m too overwhelmed and discouraged to wash it. Hrmmmmm….I feel a new blog post coming on.
  • Everything in your closet can fit in one suitcase within minutes. I want this for my life!!!!! Not that I need to pick up and go quickly, but the thought excites me! To feel the freedom of packing and going whenever I choose, and not worrying about what I should wear or take or bring. It ALL goes. Nice!
  • She mentioned that her wardrobe constantly challenges her and reminds her that she can live with less stuff. AMEN, sistah!!!!
  • Think how easy it must be to do her laundry. I mean seriously! One load, baby!!!!!

So, should I do it? Let me know, and if I get enough encouragement, I will post my challenge here. And, if YOU want to do the Triple 3 Challenge, please let me know! I will stand in agreement and encourage you. Plus, I want to hear all about it!!!!

Be blessed and joy-filled in Christ’s simple simplicity.

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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  2. Posted by mary on February 20, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    I have not tried the 33 items challenge, but I have challenged myself to sew all my wardrobe this year including undergarments…so I guess, this is also simple living šŸ™‚


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