God’s Pace

I rush through life. I do. I noticed today that I was walking like Quasimodo. I was in a such a hurry to get where I was going I was all hunched over and storming through a parking lot. When I  became aware of my not-so-glamorous state, I stopped, straightened up and felt like a snail could have out distanced me. My back hurt, my legs hurt, my lungs hurt. I am too busy.

I thought life would be easier when I was a stay-at-home mom. I know…I hear y’all laughing.

Not that it would be easier, but that I personally would be more relaxed about it. That I would be more focused. That I would breathe.

Not so.

I find it harder now to stay focused. To stay true to the path God has for me.

You see, I have this way of overwhelming my schedule. When I worked full time, my day was filled with …well … work. I couldn’t inch anything more in. But now, I am free as a bird! Oh, how I love to fill my schedule. When all God wants me to do is stay at home and breathe.

And, right now I literally can’t. My lungs are so messed up from these winter/maybe spring/maybe winter again Texas allergies that all I do is cough and wheeze. It’s crummy. Is it because I made myself too busy that now my body as well as my spirit are revolting against me? A spiritual mutiny?

Probably so.

So today and henceforth (yes, I used henceforth.), I will try my best to live in God’s deliberate intentionality. Is that redundant?

I will live at God’s pace.

Deliberate. It says in Genesis that God set the stars and planets in their places (Genesis 1:17). God placed them. He didn’t throw them nilly willy in the air like confetti at a 4th of July parade. He deliberately placed them in each of their spots. God does everything deliberately. There is no nilly willy with God.

Still.  I wait for you, O Lord; you will answer, O Lord my God. ~Psalm 38:15

God will answer. He says to Be Still and know that He is God. I will be still and wait for you, O Lord. You will answer.

Perfect. God’s timing is perfect. After five years of waiting not-so-patiently for a baby, God brought me the most stunningly beautiful four year old in the world. And, YES I am biased. She is my treasure after all!  God knew His little daughter needed a home. She is God’s daughter. Not mine. He has given me the honor of raising her up as a mighty woman of God. I give her to Him for He is good. He has truly blessed me.

God, I pray we can walk at your pace today. That we may see what You have for us. That we will be aware of your blessings and miracles. That we will see you work in us today. Amen.

Be blessed at His pace,

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


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