My Joy-less Life

Right now I am participating in MinCamp at

It’s been good. And, I get merit badges for a job well done. I’m a sucker for merit badges.

Yesterday was Day #3. My task: …to say yes to an event or task that makes you happy, and no to an event or task that’s dragging you down.

I sat with my calendar splayed  in my lap. Its pages dog earred and crinkled from only two months of wear. Could I get rid of anything?


Not that I really needed to. I downsized my life greatly when our beautiful little girl came to live with us. I cut out all my committees, my meetings, my extras that took up my time before I became a mom. Being a wife and mom — a godly one — is the most important thing to me.

But, one thing struck me — I had no joy in my schedule. Not one thing I could see that lit up my heart.


How sad it that?

Now, I’m not the type to schedule every part of my day. I can’t be that confined. But, I can add joy spontaneously to my calendar.

So, today I replanted all my baby seedlings into bigger accommodations. I wrote in my journal. I sat with my baby girl and read a book. All things that bring me joy. All things that only took a few minutes. All things that I did instead of watching TV.

God is good. Let’s add some joy to our lives. What lights up your heart?

Do it. :o)

And, share it with me below. I’d love to hear about your joy.

In Jesus’ name,

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


2 responses to this post.

  1. Who hoo
    I’m all for joy. I think my calendar is the opposite of yours LOL


    • You go, girl!!!! I will get there one day. LOL If it weren’t for all these dern appointments. But, God will bring me joy in them. I just have to breathe and allow myself to see it.

      Be blessed!!!



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