Nostalgia. The Death of Minimalism.

Well, it’s Tuesday. Fall is peaking around the corner deciding whether to allow summer a few more minutes or if it should usher itself in.

Whichever the case, I’m cold and bundled up on my couch with a quirky yet stylish crocheted cap and my 1970’s vintage crocheted throw that someone in my family made.


It’s a beautiful thing. Until it wreaks havoc on your minimalism.

My family is a family of hoarders. Not so bad that we should be featured on a TV show, but bad enough that is it thoroughly thwarting all of my minimalistic ponderings.

And, it’s not that we are hoarding new stuff. We’re hoarding OLD stuff from people long sense gone from this earth.




Table cloths


More dishes

Even more dishes

Cabinet - blog10-1-13

Nostalgia is a speed bump on my minimalist journey.

But, I like my dishes. I really do. Some are from my grandmother. Some are from my uncle — her brother, in fact.

Why are we not allowed to use our stuff?

I have what you would refer to as Let’s-save-this-and-use-it-one-day-special syndrome.

Are you inflicted with this terrible condition affecting wanna-be minimalists everywhere?

Symptoms may include:

~Having an entire china cabinet full of 100-year-old dishes that you only wash, use and rewash one day a year.

~Boxes of clothes from Aunt Rita’s 1960’s wardrobe that may come back in style one day if the mice, moths and other creepy crawlers don’t eat them first.

~Bags of your great-grandmothers quilts hidden in your closet that no one ever gets to see.

~Storage units. Nuff said.

I’m really not sure what to do with this sort of stuff. Really. I haven’t come to any safe conclusions that I can share with y’all. I have come up with some brainstormed ideas about our dishes though:

~Keep them. On the shelf. Protected by glass.

~Bust them to bits and mosaic something I love with all the pieces creating art and a new treasure.

~Wash them and use them as our every-day dishes.

~Continue to ignore them and not let this bother me anymore.

Right now I’m going with #4. But, only until the rest of the family gets home so we can have a minimalism intervention.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one on this minimalist journey!

EEK! Maybe I am!

Minimalism isn’t about just me; it’s about everyone else in my house, too.

To be continued…


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