Day 5 of Donate:365

Here it is! My Day 5 donation for Donate:365.

Day 5 - Donate365

My sweet little shirt went to a local thrift store today. And, I am so relieved.

I’m finding this “donate one thing per day” thing is so easy for me…right now anyway.

~I’m not overwhelmed that I have too much stuff.

~I know where to begin. (Just pick one thing.)

~I feel accomplished and like I’m doing something.

God is faithful! If you’d like to join me on this journey, please do! We can encourage each other.

Be blessed!

~Bohemian Christian Chelle


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Susan on October 8, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    I am trying to do the same. I chose a shirt today as well. I like it but never wear it. I have too much stuff. Maybe someone else can use it. I would like to eventually do the 333 Project but am not there yet. I’m sure it will get harder but keep up the plan!


    • I would LOVE to do 333!!!! What a cool challenge! My dream is to do that. Maybe when I get more donated it will naturally occur.

      It’s a nice thought anyway. HA!

      I pray all of our stuff goes to someone who LOVES it!

      Be blessed! And, thank you so much for your comment.



  2. Posted by Finding God Daily on October 8, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    My mother is in her 80’s and her house is full, garage is full, attic is full and I think she is afraid to and now getting too old to get rid of anything. Just the mention of decluttering makes her angry, so I just let it go. I try to declutter my home but she always wants to see what I’m donating. It’s really a problem. I look forward to future posts, thanks and please pray for us. It is really a problem. God bless.


    • I will definitely be praying. Thank you for sharing with me. I understand how hard it is to part with my stuff. It is hard. I still have a storage unit to deal with in all this. One thing a day isn’t overwhelming to me so I started small. I like to handle things in small chunks. Maybe this will help her part with some things. I also had to get passed the “I may need this one day.” syndrome that our society thrives on. We probably won’t need it. And, if we do, then we can either borrow it and return it, or buy it if we have to. It is okay to let things go.

      We love our stuff. And, sometimes it’s more the memories attached to it.

      I greatly appreciate your comment. Be blessed, and please keep me posted.



      • Posted by Finding God Daily on October 9, 2013 at 9:25 pm

        Thanks so much and keep up the good work, I’ll let you know about her progress.

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