Day 7 of Donate:365

Well, it’s Day 7.

I tried to donate something, but then my husband wanted me to save it to give to someone else which “kinda” counts, but I now have to hoard it for a few months until we can give it to this said person so I feel thwarted.


The next thing I picked, I changed by mind on. The sad part is I will probably change my mind again tomorrow and end up donating it anyway.

The third thing I picked brought me peace when I decided to donate it. So here it is. I’m happy now. 🙂

Day 7 - Donate365

I really like this picture. It’s beautifully ’70’s. It’s an original artwork. And, it makes me yearn for macramé owl planter hangers. I adore it.


It has no place in my home and has been leaning on a wall by my front door for months. Time to go, giant painting. Time to go.

I had a lot of anxiety around  getting rid of stuff today. I somewhat panicked. What if I have nothing left to give and I’ve promised to finished this challenge? What if I like all my stuff and don’t want to get rid of it? What if once I get rid of all my stuff I feel angry and alone?


I have issues. My stuff is very important to me. Too important. And, none of it matters. I guess that’s what God is showing me in all this. That these are all material things and in the end they do not matter.

Tell that to my blood pressure. LOL

I actually panicked today when I saw a space with nothing on it. I feel my clutter may be hiding something deeper in me. A sense of protection. A fear of success. Hoarding possessions goes way deeper than just keeping stuff. It’s a sense — be it false — of security. Wow. I learned a lot about myself today. I’m going to hang with God and think about all this.

Be blessed, y’all!



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