Day 8 of Donate:365

It is with great bitterness and sadness that I donate this item today. As you may have guessed I did not intend for this to be my item. I’ve been praying all morning about what I should get rid of today.

With the help of the nice men (They really are nice. I’m not being sarcastic.) who mow our yard, I now give you my Donate:365 item of the day.

Day 8 - Donate 365

Donated to my trash can that is. While I was busily moving lawn furniture and hoses for a very spontaneous lawn mowing before our predicted rain starts, this happened.

*Insert sad Chelle face here*

It was not expensive by any means. It had a pretty dragonfly on it (my favorite) and was a cute thing in my yard. But, alas, it is gone. Oh well. I’ll get over it. Give me a few minutes and forgiveness and love will take over and I’ll have moved on to something else. LOL God is good.

Okay. I feel better now. Thanks for listening! Stay tuned for Day 9 where I get rid of two things to make up for Sunday!

Be blessed! And, get rid of something you don’t need.



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