Day 11 of Donate:365

Day 11 is here!!! I am so excited! I actually found a few things to donate. I must not be feeling sentimental today. HA HA

Here is Day 11’s donation:

Day 11 - Donate 365

It’s the book Satan Sanderson by Hallie Erminie Rives.

Why am I getting rid of this book even though its 115 years old?

1) The title has Satan in it. Nuff said there.

2) I haven’t read it and never will.

3) I researched it online and it’s worth anywhere from $2.99 to $11.99. I paid $12.00 for it at a vintage bookstore a bazillion years ago.

I might possibly look into selling it locally. Mostly because I think it would be fun. Hey, $10 is $10, right?

I’ll probably end up getting more like $2.99. LOL

Oh well. It’s a donation. And, that library book sell is coming up.

Let me think about this.

Either way, Ms. Rives is leaving my house. God bless, ya!



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