Day 12 of Donate:365

Dare I say this?

Today was an easy donation day. That, or I’m getting less attached to my stuff. I’d like to think that’s the case. We will see.

Today, I donated a recipe notebook.

Day 12 - Donate365

I’m not one to collect or keep recipes. But, I did take the few recipes out that I did have and some of them seem quite yummy. It inspired me to make taco Soup, which is good.

It’s getting really easy to get rid of things. I must admit, I’m a little skeptical. I’m awaiting the moment when everything shifts and I grab my stuff and kicking and screaming will not let it go. I pray this doesn’t happen, but old habits are hard to break and I’m praying against them.

God has the power to release me of all my burdens. And, my stuff is my burden. Praise Him for the work He is doing in my life. I thank Him.

Be blessed! How’s your Donate:365 journey going? what have you learned? Any insights? Please share them. I’d love to hear!

Again. be blessed joy-filled and faithful in the little things. God will bless you in the big.



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