Day 15 & 16 of Donate:365

Today is day 15 of Donate:365. I can’t believe it’s already Day 15 of my journey. I’ve given away 15 things!!! And, it’s been so easy, not overwhelming, and with a grateful heart.

God is good!

For Day 15, I’m getting this out of our home. I can’t donate it since it is broken, but here it is:

Day 15 - Donate365

It’s me sweet little fountain. A piece broke off and the pump only works when it wants to. I adore water features and am dreaming one up for our front lawn. Pray for me. I dream big. LOL

For Day 16, I’m getting rid of a necklace I don’t believe I’ve ever worn. Maybe once…Maybe. I realized one thing when  getting ready for Day 16:

I have a lot of necklaces.

I’ll be doing an inventory of which ones I wear so hopefully you will be seeing photos of them here. 🙂

This is tomorrow’s donation:

Day 16 - Donate365

Why I held on to this necklace for so long eludes. It doesn’t fit right. It doesn’t fall right. I will not wear it.

It’s going in the box.

Be blessed today, everybody! Get rid of one thing that doesn’t bring you joy. I just got rid of #16.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Have you ever used Listia to get rid of things you don’t want? You get points as people bid on your unwanted items. You can then use your points to bid on other things. I am donating and using my points for stocking stuffers for the kids. I am “brittneyswitala” and would love it if you would find me on Listia. 🙂


    • Hey! I haven’t, but I will totally check it out! And, I will look you up. How long have you been on it? Have you had good results?

      I’ll confess. I’m usually too lazy to sell things. That’s why I end up donating

      Be blessed! And, thanks for the comment!



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