Day 18 of Donate:365

I greatly apologize for the lateness of this blog! I took this picture several hours ago (about 10 in fact), and even put the item in our Donate:365 donation box in that car. So here it is, my sweet, smiley-faced donation of the day:

Day 18 - Donate365

It is my now lid-less snowman coffee mug that I’ve been using as a planter and dirt scoop outside. I was so bummed when his hat broke. I’d always wanted a cat-proof mug with a lid. If you live with cats, you know the kind — with a lid so no one sniffs or samples my beverages. So roughly one day after I received this as a gift, his hat fell off the shelf and shattered into a bazillion sad little pieces. And, the cute little spoon that sits in the hole in the handle broke pretty much at the same time. I refused to give up on my little guy! I probably should just throw him away, but I can’t do it. Maybe someone will see him and love him with all his imperfections.

Isn’t that how we should love each other?

Please excuse me. I’m having a moment.

Be blessed tonight! And, love as Christ loves us.



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