Day 19 of Donate:365

It’s now Day 19 of Donate:365, and I didn’t donate anything.

But, I did throw something away. This:


Day 19 - Donate365

It’s an old candle that I was using as a makeshift incense holder. It’s gross, served it’s purpose, and is now in my trash.

Day 18 has been a breeze. I love throwing things away. Kinda. When it’s things I don’t need.

But, one thing did stand out to me before I tossed this candle — Exactly how long did I have this in my home before I threw it away?

YEARS!!!! Geez. Just buy an incense thingy that is ME. That shows something I like. That brings me joy when I see it.

Our possessions should bring us joy. Not stress and discontent. If they are, toss’em.

Simple as that.

Be blessed tonight! Get rid of one thing that doesn’t bring you joy. You feel better for it.

May God bless us richly in all of this.



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