Day 20 of Donate:365

It’s here. Day 20 of Donate:365. And, I can’t even load a picture. LOL

I did get rid of something though. But, thanks to my WiFi going out, I am unable to get a photo uploaded. And, frankly, I’m just too lazy to take a picture and do the whole memory card thing.

This morning, in a rarely visited location under our bathroom sink, I discovered a little cardboard box. “What is it?” I wondered aloud to myself as I somewhat hesitantly opened to a world of five-year-old medications, sunless tanning lotions from who knows when, and a plethora of cotton balls, Q-tips, and antibacterial wipes.

Don’t you wish you could see the picture? My little overloaded box is now ready for the trash.

The entire box.

I am ruthless. LOL

FYI – I’ve lived here five years, and just now noticed this box. Open my eyes, Lord. Open my eyes.

Be blessed today!



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