Day 22 & 23 of Donate:365

On a dark and stormy night…

I decided to post today’s Donate:365!

Amidst the thunder and lightening sprinkled with prayers that my Internet connection stays alive, I bring you my donated items for Day 22 and 23.

For Day 22, I donate something that I don’t even remember getting.

Dear Any Restaurant in America,

I have your pitcher. Please come get it.



Day 22 - Donate365

I give it back to you!

My item for “no posting Sunday” is a purse that I like, but it’s time to minimalize. So, here it is:

Day 23 - Donate365

It’s got bling. I must admit, I like the bling. But, I need to get things out so it’s got to go. Plus, it was on top of my purse storage area.

Sorry, purse.

I can’t believe 23 items are now officially out of our home. 23!

These items would still be here if not for Donate:365. 

If you’d like to join me on this journey and downsize your stuff, please comment below! I’m here to encourage.

Be blessed!



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