Day 27 of Donate:365

It’s finally here! My up-to-date post to Donate:365!

Today, I am getting rid of my broken teapot.

Day 27 - Donate 365

“Why would you keep a broken teapot?”, you might ask. Well…

I was raised with the notion that I may need it one day. And, it still boils water, even though the whistle doesn’t whistle and the flap is all convoluted.

Were you born with the idea that not only will we not use it now, but for some reason in the future, when our new teapot breaks, we can say “LOOK! Ain’t it great I kept the old one?!?!”

This notion goes against everything Jesus teaches us. Read Matthew 6 — my favorite chapter in the Bible.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.
Don’t store up treasures on earth.
Our Lord and Father provides for our every need right when we need it. (His word is true.)

So many lessons are laid out in Matthew 6 that go against hoarding, stockpiling, prepping and worrying. God is AWESOME. AND, He brings relief for His children. Are you a child of God? Just release to Him today. All of your troubles are His. It’s that easy.

Agree that we are all born sinners.
Agree that Jesus died on the cross for your sins.
Agree that He rose again on the third day.
Ask God to forgive you for everything you’ve ever done. He will do it right there on the spot!

That’s it! If you made a decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and you are not sure what do to next, comment below and I will help you find a church in your area.

Be blessed tonight. Joy-filled, And, free.



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