Day 36 & 37 of Donate:365

Since I started this journey, I vowed that I would not post on Sundays. Sundays are for God, and in my opinion, not my own personal interests. (Even if they are heavenly inspired.) So, tonight I post two photos for your Donate:365 enjoyment.

Day 36 - Donate365 Day 37 - Donate365

I prayed a lot about what I should get rid of today. To tell you the truth it’s getting a little  harder to part with my things. Each day is different evidently. Some days I’m eager to give it all away, while others sends me prayerfully going through our house spotting items.

I pray each day about what I should get rid of. I really want God to guide my every step. Not just in this, but in every area of my life. And, I know He wants that, too. Today, He pointed me to these two items. Both actually done by artists I met. That’s a pre-req for being in my home. I want an actual artist to do all of our art hanging on the walls. It’s part of my whole “don’t want to be like anyone else” thing.

But, today was a hard day. I like artwork. I like these two pieces. I like the stories behind these two pieces. But, every time I asked God what I should get rid of, He always pointed me back to these two things. I’m being obedient and already took them off the walls and put them in the donation pile. AMEN to obedience!!!

Just be obedient. It makes life so much simpler.

Be blessed tonight!



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