Day 40 of Donate:365

Vertigo is awful.

Have you ever suffered from this debilitating thing? It’s awful — I may have said that, and you never  know when it will happen or when it will go away. I have to have total trust in God right now. Which I should have every moment. That is what I am learning from this.


Technically, yesterday was Day 40, but since I was spinning around my living room like a little top, it made it somewhat difficult to sit down at my laptop. So, here I am with my Day 40 donation:

Day 40 - Donate365

Sorry. It may be hard to tell. It’s not the best picture. It’s a light purple, long-sleeved shirt with pretty purple, turquoise and blue beading. I like this shirt. But, it’s time to let things go that don’t match in my wardrobe. Plus, As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t have enough coat hangers if all of my clothes are clean.

And, I’m not buying more hangers.

So here I am with a shirt I like going to the donation drop-off site. YAY!!!!

Be blessed today! Feel GREAT! And, thank our Father for all the good things He’s done for us.



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