Day 42 & 43 of Donate:365

Today is the day to get caught up on posts! I am alive and sitting up at my laptop. PRAISE GOD!!!!

On Saturdays, I donate for two days so I can relax and enjoy the Sabbath. So, I quite made up for several days with today’s donation.

Day 42-42 - Donate365

As you can see, we have fervent efforts going on to go through Christmas boxes. Even my mom is on task and is helping me focus and get rid of stuff. God is faithful! What we like; we keep. What we hate; we toss.

Simple as that.

Be blessed today! Do you have boxes to go through? Grab that box, grab two more boxes or laundry baskets, and start sifting. Use one box for definite trash; one box for “keeps.” You’ll be amazed at how much you can get accomplished sitting in front of your favorite TV program.

Be blessed and joy-filled today, my friends!



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