Day 52, 53 and so on of Donate:365

Day 52 53 54 - Donate365

WOW! Did the holidays throw me from blogging!! That, and the horrible act of my internet crashing for daaaaaayyyyys. And, I paid the bill, which makes it even more frustrating.

I am now blogging on Black Friday from my in-laws kitchen table amidst kiddie laptop noise, Ratatouille playing on the big screen and everyone’s eyes glued to either the TV or their electronic devices, or both.

What happened to the holidays?

I am perplexed by Black Friday. And, my main reaction is:

“Who cares?”

Seriously. It’s a day to make yourself crazy to buy more stuff you don’t need all to save a buck doing it. To me, you are not really saving anything if you have to waste your life — I  mean wait in line — 2 hours to purchase it.

What are those two hours worth to you?

Plus, are you buying these steals for yourself, or to gift it to a loved one?

I’m all for a bargain, but this whole Black Friday thing just feels wrong to my inner minimalist.

Consumerism, I say BLEGH!

So, today I donate books, enjoy my coffee and sit at home with my family and take it all in. God provides everything I need — at a discount.

Be blessed today!



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