Day 62 & 63 of Donate:365

Do you ever totally forget to do something? Like something you do every day, and you just simply forget?


That’s how I’ve been lately about Donate:365. I still enjoy doing it, so it’s not like I’ve lost momentum, but I guess sometimes life just gets in the way and ya simply forget.

And, that’s what’s happen to me.

I simply forgot. I forgot to post. I forgot to gather something to donate. I forgot to even think about it.

It was nice.

But, now I’m back on track. The sense I feel of relief every time I post a photo of something this is leaving our space frees me to keep going. Don’t think that a few days of forgotten donations has derailed me. Don’t be derailed if you do it yourself. Just get back up on that horse and ride on! You will be a better person for it. And, don’t hate yourself. Just pick up where you left off and start donating again. Donate:365 is without condemnation. 🙂

Below are a few items I’m donating to makeup for the days I forgot. Sometimes it’s okay to forget. It means God has something else up His sleeve for you. He is faithful.

Be blessed today! And, please enjoy my donations and share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear your feedback!


Day 62 - Donate365Day 63 - Donate365

(A pillow, a suede wrap and an ACFW tote bag)



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