Day 65 of Donate:365


For today, I have a new initiative: Give back to people the stuff I’ve borrowed from them.

Whatever our intention, we all I have them — items we’ve borrowed from family, friends and neighbors that we’ve never returned.

My guilty excuses include…

But, I haven’t read it yet!

One day I’ll read it, but I’m too busy today.

I really want to read it!

Can you tell I borrow books?

Today, a dear friend of ours came to visit us for Christmas. I have a book on my shelf that she loaned me a bazillion years. And, I thought about it all day — and even told her about it — and still forgot to give it to her. But, she has a book of mine that I totally forgot about that she reminded me of today,too. Oh well. LOL

I have several books from several people. And, if you are reading this post, I greatly apologize for my laziness in returning your stuff.

I will return these items to their owners immediately!

Do you have items sitting around that you know you need to return to their rightful owners? Is this stealing? EEK!

Thou shall not steal! I will say this to myself when I try to talk myself into reading the books I’ve kept for way too long.

Be blessed tonight, and give back people their stuff! (That was directly more at me than you.) šŸ˜‰



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