Day 76, 77, 78, & 79 of Donate:365

My how time flies!

We’ve been busy in the Bohemian Christian house. Little Girl had a BASH of a birthday party with all her cousins and a bounce house. She’s still worn out! AND, our biggest accomplishment so far: We cleaned out the storage units!!!!!

January 2014 will be our LAST month of paying someone else to store our stuff! I pray God blesses that place, and they totally recoup the money times 10 that we would have kept spending. They are good, Christian people over there at the storage place.

Today, we got rid of:

An old dresser

A ginormous bag of toys

A night stand

An end table

2 old computer monitors circa 1990

A dead printer

I can fill the weight off my shoulders. We still have a long way to go, but we will get there. Praise God!

Now, I know what tomorrow holds — Me sifting through the boxes that made it home to our front porch. And, sadly, there’s about three boxes of books out there.

Lord, help me!

Be praying for me, friends. I’m a book hoarder, ya know.

Be blessed tonight! Get rid of something and feel better for it!




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