Day 82 of Donate:365

It’s Day 82, and I’m on a roll! We officially told our storage manager we have cleaned out our storage units!!!!!

And, then we did the math…

2 units at $70 x 6 yrs = $5,040.

Seriously. Please, people. Do not waste money storing things you will never use anyway.

The boxes, knick knacks and papers we’ve paid to save for all these years are now being donated, burned or thrown away.

Pretty much, we sent $5K to the dumpster.

Don’t let this happen to you.

I found two boxes of my beloved books, that I’m now sending to our local library. I did keep a few. But, I think in the end, I will only keep two of the books I pulled. Praise God! I may be getting the hang of this!

This is only a few of the books going to a new home.

Day 82 - Donate365

Be blessed tonight. And, please, please don’t flush your money down the toilet. God provides everything we need. We don’t have to store up for ourselves treasures on earth.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Chelle. I followed your link from Becoming Minimalist website.

    It’s eye-opening when you do the math for storage, isn’t it? I’m enjoying your posts.


    • Hey, Donna! Thank you so much! I’m so humbled and encouraged. Thank so so much for blessing me like that. I will have to check out my link on Becoming Minimalist! That is so cool!

      Be blessed! And, happy donating!



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