I DID IT! Day 86 & 87 of Donate:365

God spoke to me last night.

He knows that I’m on this quest for minimalism and the simpler things in life. And, last night He finally did it.

He told me it is time to get rid of my books. He even told me the two He wanted me to keep.

God is awesome. If you don’t have a personal relationship with Him, I am here to help you!

So today –on His prompting — I loaded a box of more than 20 books in to my car. I am on the way to the library on our first errand stop.

Thank you, God!

I am so relieved. You should try it. It’s easy!

Be blessed today. Happy donating!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Amazing, awesome deed! My family is moving on Friday so I’m setting aside items to donate as well! 🙂
    – Shar


  2. Nice work! I am also on this quest:) Taking it out by the boxloads! There are some very grateful thrift stores in town:) Conway


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