Day 111 or so of Donate:365

At some point in all this, I need to see what the one year anniversary date of Donate:365 is and get caught up.

But, for right now, we’ll just call it Day 111. 😉

Today, I felt led to donate this white skirt. I really like this skirt, too. But, after praying, I felt this was the item to go.

Minimalism isn’t about me. It’s about everything in my life.

My relationship with my family.

My relationship with the world.

My relationship with my God.

I really want to touch the heart of God. I want to be a blessed mother and wife. I yearn to be a blessing for my family. I want to make a difference in this world.

Stuff hinders me from all of this. I can’t think about how I can serve God today if I too busy cleaning, organizing and storing my own unneeded stuff.

I give it all to you, Father! Please take everything I have that I don’t need as I walk in obedience and praise Your name.

I will admit. This really scared me to pray this. What is everything I have — and love — is taken away?

I will not walk in fear. God is faithful. He provides everything I need. He is all I need. He loves me. He wants to provide for me. He wants to love me. He wants to bless me.

He wants to love and bless you, too. 🙂

Holding on to stuff only blocks us from the glorious life Christ has for us.

Be blessed tonight! Is something stopping you from following God? Let’s remove it tonight. Comment below if I can be of any help or encouragement.

I love y’all. And, I’m so blessed you are on this journey with me.



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