The Stuff Accumulation Effect

My stuff seems to explode.

I could sit on the couch all day, and my ottoman would be overrun with papers and clothes. My kitchen table would stack high of books, clothes, papers, crayons, and maybe the occasional plate or cup.

My vanity would overflow with makeup, hair products, books, and papers.

All while I sit on my couch perusing the Internet.

How does this happen? Does it happen to you?

I realized yesterday that I cannot fully enjoy life because I am too busy dealing with stuff. It saddened my heart to realize that instead of hiking, drawing or writing, I was confined to doing laundry. Please know I do realize that I can hike, draw and write at any time, and that my laundry and stuff will be there upon my return. BUT, all I can think about while I’m writing, drawing and hiking is the sad fact that when I return home, that pile of laundry will still be there.

I want to be in a place where my stuff no longer rules my existence. Where it’s not even thought of. Where my day does not revolve around, “I need to get this or that done before I can go outside.”

I want a nice, neat home free of clutter that I have to keep moving around to do things. I want all my clothes in my closet and drawers and not hung up in my bathroom, behind doors, or piled on our desk.

I want to use my desk for a desk.

After all these years of blogging about downsizing, I still have a long way to go to get there. But, I know I will get there. I want freedom. Freedom from stuff. It CAN happen, and it WILL happen. I’m ready for it!

So today, I will get rid of one more bag of stuff. I can do it! I’m going around with the trash bag now. You can do it, too. Just do it. It will make you breathe easier.

Praying for the day I can leave my house whenever I please and not worry that people may come over.



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