Technically it’s Day 185 of Donate:365

My how time flies!

I can’t believe it’s Day 185 of my minimalist journey.

And, sadly, I still have a lot of stuff!

I’m really feeling it now. The sense that my stuff is hindering me from living my life. That it is separating me from happiness and God.

You see, I can’t have people over, I can’t relax and just be, I can’t stop worrying that someone will show up and see all this stuff. But, I also don’t have the motivation to go through it all.

That’s why I started this. To slowly and safely get rid of all my stuff. And, it’s working! Sometimes slower than I would like. But, none the less, it’s working.

I will keep trudging along this path. I took five bags of stuff to a donation site today!!!!! I’m so excited! I have a bunch more to drop off this week. I will post new pics ASAP.

Here’s to Day 185!



One response to this post.

  1. Good for you, Chelle!! One step at a time! At least you’re making progress. I just dropped off a bunch more stuff at Salvation Army yesterday. Lately, it’s been a once a week thing. Simplicity is very therapeutic! Blessings, my friend! šŸ™‚


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