Day 187 of Donate:365

And, we are just truckin’ along!

Today, I hung up a picture. It was on a bookshelf, but my cats went haywire and flattened the poor thing that makes it stand up. So, instead of throwing it away; instead of donating it (it’s broken so that’s not cool), I hung it on a stray nail so it can still be used and loved.

Yesterday, my aunt came by. Family is the best way to get rid of stuff I’ve decided. It’s like opening your house up like K-Mart.

“We have a special on quilt racks on aisle 4.”

So my dear sweet aunt lovingly accepted our quilt rack and will now repurpose it as a chicken roost! People are genius!!! I never thought of that. I kinda got sad that I didn’t think of that myself as we want chickens, but since we do not currently have these said chickens….

Why the heck do I need a quilt rack chicken roost????????

I seriously have a hoarding problem.

But, with God, I am clearing out my stuff. Let’s do this!

Today, I have an entire bin full of donation items! YAY!!!! I need to transfer them to trash bags and load them in the car. That is my job this morning.

Day 187 of Donate:365

God is awesome! We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. If you have a hoarding problem, or are in need of getting rid of stuff, comment and I will encourage you all the way.

Be blessed today!



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