It’s Day 199 of Donate:365!!!!

I can’t believe I’ve come this far.

Even though I haven’t posted every day, I will not condemn myself for that. Donate:365 DOES work! It’s easy. Anyone can do it. And, it frees your life of stuff.

Praise Jesus!

Since my last post, I’ve put some many things in our donation box! Mostly our daughters things. LOL She has a lot of shoes!

Well…she did. 😉

I’m going through my wardrobe again. Here is a skirt I’m passing on. And, I think I have a shirt to add to it. (Still holding on to the shirt at the moment.) 🙂

Day 199 - Donate365

I still have that desk and book shelf that I need to get rid of, but that’s because they still need to be picked up. So, today, I will clean off the desk again and get it ready. I’m the worst at putting stuff on things. I need to get rid of all my furniture. Then I wouldn’t be so tempted to stack and pile. Love those piles!!!!

Anyway, today is a new day. I am a new creation. So, let’s get this stuff outta our house!

Be blessed today! Let me know if you need encouragement. I’m here!



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