Day 206 of Donate:365

These last six days COMPLETELY got away from me! Sorry about that!


I’m now on Day 206 of this journey. For the last six days, here is my list of items I’ve given away:

Day 201: A dress I’m delusional to think I fit in.

Day 202: A stockpile of headbands I never wear.

Day 203: The remnants from my makeup drawer. Some things I trashed, some things I donated, such as make-up bags.

Day 204: Clothes, shoes, and toys from Little Girl’s room that she has never seen since they were in a storage bin. (Not technically mine, but it’s in my house, so there.)

Day 205: A Home Interiors (remember them?) portrait of a little girl that’s been following me around for 20+ years.  God bless her!

Day 206: Today, I am washing a shirt that will go in the donate bin, because I like to pass things on clean.

So that’s that! I’m on my way! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!!! Be blessed today! And, pass one thing on you don’t need.

God bless!




One response to this post.

  1. Love the delusional bit! Haha. I’ve held onto some clothes like that! 🙂 Yay for purging! Just made my weekly run to the Salvation Army & have 4 bags loaded in the car to take to a young mother of 6 tomorrow! Have a blessed day, friend!


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